Welcome to Dot Communication

Our background is firmly founded in Information Graphic Design, which is all about analysing a client's message and portraying it in a simple and understandable visual form, to the appropriate chosen audience. This principle applies to design for the internet as it does in all aspects of commercial graphic design.

Originally operating for a number of years in London's Covent Garden and now located in France, after several years in East Anglia, we combine our wide graphic design experience together with up to date technical expertise to make things work on the web.
We can design logos and printed items from the outset if required or faithfully reproduce your existing identity throughout a new or updated website.
Whether your company is large or small, in the public or private sector, or you are an individual starting a new venture, we can be of assistance to you, providing you with a personal and efficient cost effective service to accomplish your requirements for the internet, digital presentations and all forms of printed media.